Moscow, Russia: $16,000,000

5,760 sq ft residence in Moscow in a completely renovated historical building on Prechistenka 13, the most prestigious address in “Golden Mile”, Moscow’s most affluent residential area.

The residence is in shell and core condition and consists of two apartments, one above another, 2,809 sq ft each, on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. It also includes adjacent 140 sq ft room with windows and bathroom on the 1st floor (for staff, laundry, driver), two parking lots in the underground garage (more available upon request). There are wood-burning fireplaces and balconies on each floor.

First level of the residence (second floor of the building) was originally the owners’ floor or “piano nobile” It has high ceiling ~16 ft and is ideal for the main living room, dining and reception areas. The second level of the residence located on the 3rd floor of the building can be used for private areas (bedrooms, SPA). The room on the 1st floor is perfect for laundry, staff, etc. Each level has a back entrance with stairs and elevator. Two entrances on each level and a separate area for staff, all connected with back staircase with elevator, allows maximum comfort in lifestyle and maintenance of the residence.

Beautiful views of the facades of historic mansions, museums and private inner garden.

Upon request available ready-to-build architectural project of the residence by AD100 architect Thomas Pheasant

The building has the most modern engineering systems including ventilation with air cleaning and heating, drinking water supply, central air conditioning, electronic access system, video surveillance, security, underground parking.

Public areas of the building include a lounge and reception with 24 hour concierge service.

Walking distance to the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Poushkine Museum of Fine arts.

History of the building starts in the beginning of XX century and connected with the names of artist Faberge, famous Russian writer Bulgakov and mid-1920th Russian avant garde artists.

Prechistenka street is known from the XVIth century as a road to a famous Novodevichy convent and since old times was the favorite place for living amongst Russian aristocracy and merchants. Nowadays the street is preserved as historical monument.

Note that each apparent comprising the residence can be sold separately